4 Amazing Ways to Avoid Data Loss In Cloud Application Migration

As clearly as someone understands the concepts of cloud migration it is also being in their knowledge that it has become a common practice for modern day business and enterprises for relocating their business model to a public cloud server. For this purpose there are many prestigious firms in the industry providing cloud application migration consulting and on very reasonable prices as well.

Refreshing the memory of what a cloud migration is? Cloud migration involves moving your applications and other exclusive data from a solid server to a public cloud server. It is very much similar to relocating your business from a small office to a large and advance establishment. Unlikely in this process packing up physical stuff, carrying heavy physical files etc. and moving them to a new location is not involved. However, this describes as to shifting your applications and data to a cloud base server.

Most often cloud migration is done by professionals and experts of the industry but you can never be too careful. Even professionals makes mistakes and sometimes ample amounts of data can be lost. This article will be discussing 4 incredible ways, By following those way you can almost be certain that you will be able to avoid any data loss while migration of your applications and data to a cloud server.

Establishing A Clear Line Of Action With Pre-Defined Goals Of The Migration

Setting up goals is very important in life as well as anything you do if you are willing to achieve better results. Same goes for the cloud application migration, you should be having clear objectives regarding which applications should be relocated to the cloud server. Talking about data you would be applying the same strategy, how much terabytes of data should you be moving to the cloud which is essential.

Time line is going to be a key factor that needs to be pre-defined in the process of cloud application migration. At which date the traditional systems will be taken offline and what is going to be the calculated downtime after which your business operations will be up and running from the cloud servers.

In the planning of cloud application migration if you have predefined goals and objective you will be able to determine how much percentage of your business should be migrated which is required for a successful business to run smoothly from cloud servers.

Creating More Than One Back Up Of Your Data Before The Initialization Of Migration

Beforehand starting the process of cloud application migration you need to make sure your data is being backed up by a cloud application migration consulting agency, preferably more than one. This step should be performed whilst being in the process of cloud application migration.

Being certain of the back-ups being uploaded to the cloud as well as the process of cloud application migration is underway takes away your worries of your data being lost. With this technique of having multiple back-ups of your operational structure you will assuredly approve to process of cloud application migration.

Launching An Advance Security Protocol To Shield The Process Of Cloud Application Migration

As you start observing security of the data and applications of your organization, you will understand cloud security protocol is significantly different from the security techniques applied in the legacy systems. The firewalls are no longer defined to work in a designated networking space because when you are transferring your data to the cloud a network perimeter does not happen to be there.

You must assign this task over the experts of industry which deals with cloud application migration consulting to be sure of your data being channeled through special security protocols designed to perform one and one operation only that is providing an impregnable firewall which safeguards your private data from being breached.

Performing Your Cloud Application Migration in Different Steps

Every single business operates differently therefore each and every single business will not be applying the identical process of cloud application migration. Studies and surveys done in the industry highly suggests to perform the cloud application migration in different steps thus a more secure and less disruptive process to ensure your business is not affected significantly from the process of the migration.

Usually performing cloud application migration, these three steps are more suitable irrespective of the type of business that you are transferring to the cloud servers from the traditional physical servers.

a) Transferring of the data through physical data transfer methods, usually when you are shifting your whole company operations on the cloud servers there are huge amounts of data involved. Researches recommend it to be more secure method whilst transferring terabytes of data. It has less to no chance of your data loss.

b) Do not dis-engage all of your data at once and start transferring it. Latest technological equipment despite being the most suitable and secure tools to perform relocation still has its drawbacks. So it is a much better practice if you are cautiously distributing all of your data in different small segments first and then start transferring it.

c) Perform the migration of applications before you start transferring the actual data packets to the cloud servers. Applications are mostly third party design tools that helps your organization in performing smoothly with your operations and does not significantly contains all your data. It is safe to send them first, after successful transfer of your applications your will be more confident in transferring your actual sensitive data.


Taking about a few years back cloud application migration was considered to be a unique feature but as the time advances in 2022 it is particularly not the case. Today cloud migration is becoming the essential feature of any successful business enterprise. With this article you would be having one less problem to worry about while performing the improve process of cloud application migration. Better not be left behind in this fast paced technological race and stand proudly alongside with your competitors.

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