In this digitally advance world of applications, software, smart devices etc., cloud computing is one of the most significant technology. Do you know about Microsoft Cloud? In the cloud computing sector there are many renowned companies which offer their services as a cloud platform. Amazon, IBM, Adobe etc. Microsoft Azure is the platform offered by Microsoft cloud services, it is considered the leading platform among all those companies by majority of the tech-savvy people around the globe.

In this Blog, we will have a brief overview about what is Microsoft cloud? And what factors makes it unique? In the digital & computing industry.


People often are not able to grasp the concept of cloud computing completely. Many of them still considers it to be just an online platform to store their documents, pictures, videos etc. it actually is more than that. It is considered very useful and is used by a majority of business and technological development sectors as well.

Business regardless of their wealth and financial stability requires to have a technological advantage every now and then. Whereas large businesses are tend to cope-up with the changes and evolution that comes with time as they have a huge financial capital to support them, however small businesses had difficulties before the cloud computing was introduced. With the help of cloud computing one doesn’t have to purchase the upgraded hardware or software to support their organization to function smoothly, instead they simply can pay to get the desired services for the required amount of time.

Cloud computing is preferred over traditional practices because apart from providing the cost-effectiveness to its user it also provide them with protection from data loss having smart data recovery features, the maintenance is not your cup of tea anymore and obviously you will gain a higher level of advance security features.


Microsoft Azure was introduced in the digital world around the year of 2010. Its functionality was to work as an online gateway for users to securely and efficiently access the cloud services provided by Microsoft, to completely manage and store the sensitive data uploaded by the user to Microsoft cloud server. Initially Microsoft Azure doesn’t charge the user anything and later on the user only has to pay for the services he is opting to get, it could be any of the most famous services that azure platform offers whether it be a SQL database or a complete virtual machine with your desired operating system.

After its initial launching year Microsoft azure soon become very popular. The current surveys indicate an interesting fact about azure which is, it is being used by almost three-fourth of the fortune 500 companies for their requirements of cloud computing. One of the popularity factors was its ability to support numerous coding languages.

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After gaining popularity Microsoft Azure starts expanding and presently there are nearly 45-50 data centers of Microsoft azure internationally. This high number of operating data centers allows Microsoft to claim the leading position in the cloud computing industry.


As we have gone through a brief introduction about azure, moving on we will be discussing some of the exceptional points that makes Microsoft Azure so intriguing. Businesses and Corporations pick azure for its qualities of being a dependable, stable and easy to use platform. Azure also enables the organizations to function more efficiently with a huge network of multi-nature connections.

Usability of Azure platform is increasing rather than decreasing, the reason being, as long as azure is in the industry, it is updated regularly with the upcoming challenges and diversified requirements of the users making it always the preferred choice for the digital and cloud computing solutions.

Below are some highlighted features listed about Microsoft cloud/Azure:

  • Development of any purpose application is supported.
  • Testing facility of the developed application can also be done on the same platform.
  • Hosting services are also provided for applications, websites and software.
  • High-tech virtual server machines can be accessed on Microsoft Azure as per your requirements.
  • Azure platform enables you to store and analyze through the logs generated by an application or software. Which help users in their research.
  • An enormous amount of data can be stored securely on azure and can be access from anywhere just having the internet facility.
  • A rapid deployment of a company’s required application is done by azure.
  • Providing the organization with an improved Information technology infrastructure.
  • Keeping the services up to the date so you won’t have to worry about interference whilst running your operation.

Aforementioned knowledge is currently just a brief overview of a long list of benefits that cloud computing with Microsoft offers to its users. Azure is undoubtedly has become second to none in the cloud computing industry.


Since cloud computing is becoming a norm now days, to be sure about which cloud computing platform actually fits your organizational requirements is becoming necessary too. Out of thousands of companies providing their services in the field of cloud computing Microsoft azure stands uniquely among the midst. With its beneficial points ranging from being pocket-friendly to helping you develop the most complex of applications on the desired platform without having the headache of upgrading or getting your own hardware is definitely appealing. Surely one would not want to spend extra on experimenting about which services to opt out for their best cloud computing solution.

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